Experiential Art

Arcadia Earth

Experience is a powerful force. At its most influential, it changes how humanity sees the world. But can an experience be powerful enough to actually change the world? In the eyes of New York-based experimental artist Valentino Vettori, that is…
Experiential Art

The Grand Bevy Created A Branded Drink That Doesn’t Suck

Ordinary. You know the happy hours, the networking mixers, the tired hotel bars. In the real world, bars and cocktail lounges are innovating. But the drinking experience at most events? Got us yawning. Not so much for the out-of-this-world cocktail…
Experiential Art

4 Tips from the World of Experiential Art

True or false: Experiential art has nothing to do with event planning. We hope you’ve been hanging out with us long enough to answer “false.” But if you answered true, we still have hope. Because, sure, on the surface, there…