Experiential Art

4 Tips from the World of Experiential Art

True or false: Experiential art has nothing to do with event planning. We hope you’ve been hanging out with us long enough to answer “false.” But if you answered true, we still have hope. Because, sure, on the surface, there…
Experiential Design

A World of Wonder

Light. Shape. Color. Are you in a cathedral? A womb? Some kind of combination of both? And one of the most unique things about an environment that feels so awe-inspiring and incredible is that in just a few short days,…
Experiential Design

Foraging for Authenticity

Aplate is placed with care in front of you. It’s a hand-thrown ceramic plate, pale blue with brown flecks, reminiscent of a robin’s egg. "This is barbequed quail with grilled greens and parsnips. Enjoy.” On this plate does indeed sit…