What happens when you bring the world’s most innovative experiential thinkers together with the world’s best event planners?

Three days of complete immersion in the wide world of experience. CONVRG 2020 will put event planners shoulder-to-shoulder with the most innovative and exciting people in the experiential world.

Tailored presentations, not awkward repeats

Every morning, all tribes will come together at The Hub to hear short, exciting presentations from the biggest innovators in experiential thinking. These presentations will not be retread versions of the same canned speech the speaker gave to an auto parts convention the week earlier. We’ll work with all of our presenters to make sure that every minute they spend with you is inspiring, exciting and absolutely on-target.

Hands-on learning, not seat warming

The Lab is why you come to CONVRG 2020. This is education at its finest. Every day, each tribe will go through custom, never-before-seen experiences. Each one promises to be innovative, genre-bending, inspiring—and a hell of a lot of fun. But the real fun begins when it’s over. Because then the tribe will get to go through it with the creators and learn exactly how—and why—every last element came together.

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Real relationships, not cold contacts

We will purposely and intentionally develop tribes based on experience, industry, function, geography and your network to help facilitate the most meaningful relationships possible.