Work with CONVRG

Experience runs the world—and we’re building the most innovative, inspiring platform to celebrate the brands, people and ideas behind it all.

We’re looking for partners who share our belief in, and passion for, experiences.

Whether it’s through our blog and video content that showcases the best of the best, or our Experiments in Experience series of boundary-pushing, one-night-only events, or our first showcase event in 2020, there is a nearly endless array of unique and powerful ways to work together.


CONVRG video content, shot and released year-round, will activate and inspire audiences and earned media by showcasing the most dynamic players in the experiential world.


For each of these one-night-only events, CONVRG will partner with the most innovative names in areas as diverse as immersive performance, psychology, dance, art and music to deliver on one promise, and one promise alone:


We’re all tired of the boring, traditional conference experience.

The pipe and drape and transactional conversations. Dull, ineffective seminars covering the same topics year after year. Event planners are the experts in experience—so why are the events for us so ordinary and conventional? Deep down, we know that we are capable of so much more – and we deserve more!

CONVRG 2020 is a 3-day immersive, experiential conference built for event planners by event planners. We want to work with you to celebrate the world of experience and the innovative and exciting companies—like yours—that are on the frontlines of the industry.

The bottom line? Experience runs the world. We know that. You know that. So let’s work together to create experiences that captivate, inspire and transform.