Ordinary. You know the happy hours, the networking mixers, the tired hotel bars. In the real world, bars and cocktail lounges are innovating. But the drinking experience at most events? Got us yawning.

Not so much for the out-of-this-world cocktail experiences provided by The Grand Bevy.  Starting only six years ago, they are now leading the pack when it comes to the high-end beverage service. They’ve collabed with Gucci, Bentley, Paris Hilton, Seth Rogan, Giorgio Armani and so many more.

“In the event market, there was always a lot of attention devoted to catering and beverage. But we really focus on elevating the beverage experience,” Josh Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer of The Grand Bevy said. “We’re all about creating and elevating the experience. That’s by honoring the creative of the event, throughout every service.

You’re walking through a house and everything is normal, albeit a bit dated. By the time you get to the laundry room, you see all the usual suspects: detergent, dirty laundry, blue swirling inter-dimensional portal in the dryer.


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No folding required 👕🌀 . . 📸: @lindsekennedy

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And this is where experiential art shines: the thwarting of expectations. Like Meow Wolf’s House of Eternal Return, things may look normal at first, but on second glance is where you get the surprise factor. And this isn’t just a one-off surprise; experiential exhibits commit to the persistent art of thwarting expectations.

“Events are increasingly more about creating wow factors,” Event Manager Blog’s editor Julius Solaris said in an interview with Eventbrite. It’s your job to “challenge attendees to break traditions and evaluate the event on the basis of what they see, rather than on their expectations.”

So instead of picking one unexpected option out of food, venue, swag or a keynote: why not shake up all of them?

Show attendees that it’s okay to play.

It can be a tricky proposition to invite grownups to let down their guard and “play.” But if Refinery29’s experiential installation 29Rooms has taught us anything, it is that adults WANT to play, but only if they feel safe enough to cut loose.

From 2019’s Experiential Design Summit, Johanna Koljonen said that most adults need an “alibi for interaction.” For instance, an adult attendee might feel self-conscious at a Children’s Science Museum. But if they’re there with kids, they’re given “permission” to join the fun. If someone is embarrassed to sing normally, odds are that karaoke permits them to belt their heart out.

“We're all about creating and elevating the experience. That's by honoring the creative of the event, throughout every service.”

Josh RosenthalChief Executive Officer of The Grand Bevy

“Sip me!”

Some things you’d come to expect from the elevated beverage experience. Champagne towers. Smoked cocktails. Hand-crafted syrups. Of course, these are services The Grand Bevy excels at. But their most unique offering is something you can’t get from anyone. Enter SipMi.

This patented technology uses vegan egg whites and consumable inks to print pictures, logos and text on your drink. That means no more cups with your logo printed on them going in the trash. Talk about a more sustainable branded beverage.

“We have a vegan foam which goes on top of the drink. Then we have the specialized device that prints on top of it. And we’ve made it to where that image will sit on top of that drink for over an hour. Even when you drink the cocktail, the image will stay in place,” Josh said.

People are enamored by this technology. Case in point, SipMi went viral when Snoop Dogg posted a picture of his selfie on a SipMi cocktail.


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SipMi can be that viral sensation for ALL of your guests with their other service, SipMi Live. Say goodbye to the standard event photo booths. Participants can get their photo taken and see it on a drink in minutes.

People walk away from this moment not with a piece of paper with instructions to download the photo, but memories of an experience unlike any other. And a delicious cocktail to boot.

“We incorporate a ‘surprise and delight’ experience for each of our events,” said Alyssa Osian, CONVRG’s Marketing and PR Manager. “It never fails that when our guests step away from The Grand Bevy bar, they get a kick out of seeing themselves printed on their drink! It’s personal added touch that helps amplify the feel of an event.”

The Science of Cocktails

Another way Grand Bevy elevates the traditional cocktail experience is through the magic of science. A frequent question when a tray of these is walked from table to table is “what is that?”

It might be one of the most unique methods of creating a mixed drink. Meet the molecular cocktail.

The molecular cocktail suspends the cocktail into a magical sphere. Take the serving spoon in your mouth and slurp the sphere of liquid for a burst of flavor.

The process of making these handmade wonders is pretty involved. Called reverse spherificiation, it takes over 36 hours to execute a batch.

“There is nothing cooler, or more fun than being served a libation that isn’t just a regular old cocktail,” Alyssa Osian said. “We’ve heard over and over again that the molecular cocktails are almost too pretty to drink!”

But for those behind the magic of Grand Bevy, it’s not about the champagne towers or selfie cocktails. It’s about how this drink experience fits the larger narrative of the event.

“We try to follow the beginning, middle and end of our client’s story. For example, the ingredients we use for our cocktails at their event are pulled from their story. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what everyone in the event industry is trying to do—it’s honoring that story,” Josh said.

“We try to follow the beginning, middle and end of our client’s story. For example, the ingredients we use for our cocktails at their event are pulled from their story. Because, at the end of the day, that’s what everyone in the event industry is trying to do—it’s honoring that story.”

Josh RosenthalChief Executive Officer of The Grand Bevy

Guests crave experiences. And not just any experience. Ones that complement the event that they’re at. The Grand Bevy brings the story to the cocktails (instead of trying to reverse engineer it). That only elevates the experience and the story in the hearts of those who witnessed it.

Take a page out of The Grand Bevy’s book. Commit yourself to an elevated and sustainable drinking experience, and you might just win over some new fans – just like they did.

Header image ©The Grand Bevy, second image ©Encore Live. Instagram photos courtesy of The Grand Bevy.

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